(5 pcs)  Water Filter Cartridge PP Sediment 5 Micron 10"

(5 pcs) Water Filter Cartridge PP Sediment 5 Micron 10"

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Description :
Sediment,Dirt And Rust Removal.
Function: Polypropylene Filter For Removal Sand,Silt,Dirt And Rust Particles.
Major Series Of High Efficiency.
Low Pressure Drop,Special Liquid Filtering Cartridges.
This Material Meet FDA Specification And Carefully Construction And Avcid Potential Contaminants. 
Used to prevent dirt and sediment particles from entering and clogging the main filter.
Should be replaced every 1-3 months depending on water quality and sediment level.
Removing rust particles, sand silt and other particulate deposits from liquids.
Resistant to many chemicals and bacteria growth.

Caution : Maximum Water Temperature 149*F​
                                                    Sediment-02.jpg Sediment-03.jpg                                                 Sediment-04.jpg Sediment-06.jpg Sediment-07.jpg Sediment-08.jpg

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