4.5cm Bandwith Cellophane Tape

4.5cm Bandwith Cellophane Tape

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Description :

Transparent adhesive tape
with polypropylene film as substrate, coating
Water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive, with light weight, strong tensile strength, non-color change, non-degenerate, high adhesion and soft stamping stamp, etc. 

widely used in packaging, packaging, sealing, packaging, packaging and fixing, etc., can be used in different packaging according to the thickness of the adhesive tape.

Storage conditions : dry, ventilated, avoid sunlight, the indoor temperature is maintained at 15 ~ 25 C


Specifications : 

Width 4.3cm Inner core 7.5cm Diameter 12.5cm



cellophanetape-02.jpg cellophanetape-03.jpg

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