Battery Charger C905W 4 Slots Smart Charger for AA/AAA Batteries

Battery Charger C905W 4 Slots Smart Charger for AA/AAA Batteries

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  • Main characteristics :
    • Designed for AA / AAA Ni-Mh / Ni-Cd battery rechargeable batteries
    • Can charge 1-4 pcs. AA / AAA Ni-Mh / Ni-Cd batteries at the same time
    • Provides 4 independent charging slots
    • LCD intuitive display of charging status, easy to use
    • Intelligent computer chip to control the charging process.
    • A.V. intelligent technology to cut fast charging mode, automatic translation to trickle charging mode, reliable and safe
    • from overcurrent : DC charging current mode to prevent current fluctuations affect the batteries
    • Protection against overheating : When overheating (60 Deg.C or higher) occurs in charging the battery or charger, it will stop charging automatically
    • Short circuit protection to prevent short circuits and ensure the use of safety
    • Auto-detect function : identify no battery power, short-circuit battery and defective battery, then the charger will not charge it to ensure safe use
    • Refreshing battery function : it can activate and repair battery waste (low voltage-0-0.9V)
    • Auto power off function : If the batteries are fully charged, the charger will cut off the power automatically
    • worldwide tension, suitable for countries around the world

    Specifications :
  • ​Input: 100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Output: 1.2V DC 1200mA
  • A. A. Battery: 1200mA x 1, MAX 2, MAX 3, MAX 4
  • AAA batteries: 600mA x 1, MAX 2, MAX 3, MAX 4
  • Type : charger
  • Model : C905W
  • Connector : UK adapter
  • Charge Cell Type: ni-mh, NiCd
  • Compatibility: AA, AAA
  • Battery Number of batteries: 4
  • Input Voltage: AC 100 ~ 240V 50/60 HZ
  • LCD Screen : YES
  • Indicator : the light goes out after a full charge
  • Short Shorted Protection: YES
  • Package weight: 0.171 kg
  • Product size (L x W x H): 11.5x6.5x3 cm / 4.52 x 2.55 x 1.18 inch
  • packing size (L x W x H): 13x8x5 cm / 5.11 x 3.14 x 1.97 in.

Package Included :
1 x C905W LCD Smart Charger for AA / AAA NiCd NiMh Battery with 4 Slots-EU Plug, 
​1 x Charging Cable,
1 x Bilingual User's Manual In English and Chinese

Note :
  • Do not charge carbon batteries , otherwise it will leak or explode.
  • Can charge alkaline batteries, but do not charge for many times, alkaline batteries is not a rechargeable battery; these are numbers for recycling and can not be fully charged.
  • Indoor use.
  • Batteries are not included.

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Battery Charger - Battery Charger Charger + 4xAAA Battery

Battery Charger - Battery Charger Charger + 4xAA Battery

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